Jun 20, 2011

Rice harvest....

 A long walk home...

I know you've heard me say this many times....but here I go again... Life is Hard Here!
Although we have come to expect this procession of women walking home, the reality of it still makes me sit in awe of the beautiful women of Mozambique. 

We see them earlier in the day working in the rice fields that run parallel to this road, on either side.
Then as the sun is getting ready to set, we see them making their way home.

The women have walked many kilometers to get to their little plot of land. Many are bare footed, their smallest babies strapped to their backs, so that when needed they can stop working to nurse them. 
Their days are long and I can't even begin to imagine how they can physically endure the challenges day after day. It's not like they get to go home to a hot shower and later climb into a soft bed!

Painstakingly they gather their rice, by hand, one plant at a time. Later they can be seen on the side of the road 'smacking' the stalks on the ground. They gather the rice wrapping it up in capalanas.
Before long they are walking the same road back to their homes with the days bounty skillfully situated on top of their heads. 

Life here is hard, yet you seldom hear the people of Mozambique complain. What you do hear over and over is "thanks be to God" for everything! For another day of life, for the sunshine, or for a good nights rest!

The more I experience life here in Mozambique, the more I have come to appreciate just how much God loves His people here. I see how He has blessed them with strength, and endurance. How He keeps their bodies strong, even when they have little food to eat. He guards their health when they drink unclean water, and sustains them when they get only a few hours sleep.

Thank you for reading.... for caring and praying for God's chosen people here in Mozambique. 



beth! said...

Thanks for going, experiencing, and relaying it all to us. Love and miss you!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

Thanks to God for sustaining all those in Moz! What a blessing it is for any of us to be allowed to provide for our families. Praise God that they work so hard with so little. Thanks for telling us about wonderful Moz today Val! -Dan