May 31, 2009


Today we celebrated the 33rd anniversary of the Baptist Church in Dondo. The day was dedicated to the families, the whole service was centered around the family as a unit. 


Pastor Todd, a fellow CRI missionary from NY gave the message, referencing Ephesians 5.  The message focused on God's instructions on how we should live our lives, it was a powerful and direct, an important message for all of us to hear.


The church was packed, people were sitting outside and there were children everywhere!! Then they started singing and dancing. It was such a blessing to be in the church, and as I prayed I thanked God once again for choosing me to be His servant here in Dondo.


We arrived at 8am, things started to get going by 9 and the service lasted till 1pm. Then all of the families were served a lunch of rice and bean and a small piece of fried fish and a small piece of chicken. It was a huge plate full of food, that most are not accustomed to. They had to pay 20 metacash, for their meal which is about 82 cents. 


We went back to church tonight at 6pm for the evening service. Pastor Jeronimo spoke from John 15, referring to the Vine and the Branches and Jesus as the one and only true vine.

Pastor is so much fun to watch as he preaches, he is very animated. We had the help of an interpreter, and what he did not communicate in words, you could easily figure out in the actions and tone of voice of Pastor Jeronimo.


Many of the older children and teens in the church go to this service, it's great to see them there.  To know that they are hearing the word of God spoken to them. The teens also lead the worship and again there is plenty of singing and dancing!

It was a long day, but a good day as well.


We were home a little after 8 and finish celebrating the day with a big bowl of popcorn!! 

Life in Mozambique is good, very good. 


John 15:4 says... Remain in me and I will remain in you. No branch can bear fruit by itself, it must remain in the vine. Neither can you bear fruit unless in remain in me.

May 28, 2009

God's blessings daily

This morning as I awoke and rubbed my eyes, I thanked God for my vision. I immediately remembered that just last night I could have lost my sight. 

I was applying DEET prior to leaving the house, to keep the mosquitoes away. As I was spraying the nozzle must have gotten turned and as I pushed it down, it sprayed directly into my right eye.

I quickly called to Kathy and Melody for help. I didn't darn open or rub my eye. It was burning quite badly as I gave instructions to get a basin filled with clean water, so that I could wash out my eye.
The ladies were great and without hesitation got everything I needed. I spent the next 20 minutes with my head half under water, blinking my eye all the while.
I opened my eye finally as the burning began to ease up. I seemed to have good vision in my eye, Praise God!

God is so good!! I believe it is only by His power that my vision is perfectly clear at this time. My eye did burn a little today, but I can see and I thank God alone.

This accident only confirms that God has a plan for me. I will continue to watch and seek after Him and His will for my life.
Let us never cease to praise God for all things!

1 Thessalonians 5:16  Be joyful always, pray continually, give thanks in all circumstances for this is God's will for you in Christ Jesus.



May 24, 2009

Sunday Worship in Mozambique

We had worship today, twice, and it was great!

We missed the first part of one service as our car would not start. This is nothing surprising for life here in Mozambique. Then as one of our fellow CRI staff members was coming to pick us up, the car decided to start. 
We flagged down our rescuer and all headed back to the church. 
It was so good to reconnect with the people we have come to know and love. People that God has allowed us to love and people who we have prayed for since we left Mozambique last year.

After the service we joined Pastor Jeronimo and Noemia for lunch at Yeye's. It's an out door restaurant where the chickens roam around under you table as you eat. Did I mention what we ate? 
Chicken. It's what everyone orders every time.  It's a half of a very small chicken and some fries. It's quite tasty and reminds me of home, except for the live ones under the table clucking as they wander around.

Tonight at the second service I finally got to see Maria. She is a women I met last year. 
She understands no English and my Portuguese...well let's just say it needs work.

Anyway, we seemed to have this connection last summer and 'spoke' in sign language mostly. She was pregnant when I left in August and due to have the baby at anytime. I promised to pray for her and the baby and she said she would remember me in prayer as well.

I had found out that she gave birth to a baby boy in August. Both were healthy and doing well. But that was almost a year ago and there are no guarantees, especially here in Mozambique, that the baby was still alive.
So when I turned around and saw her, and then saw a little baby in her lap I started to cry. 
After the service we hugged and exchanged love with one another. It was so sweet to be there in that moment.
I was able to say (in Portuguese) that I was so grateful and thankful to God, that I was there seeing her and her baby!!
When I asked his name (which again, I was able to do in Portuguese) she responded, Santiago.
Santiago is Portuguese for James. 
I then told her that my late husband's name was James and we both hugged again and praised our God!
God is so good!
It was a good day, a very good day.

May 22, 2009

Mozambican morning

I watched the sun come up this morning as I sat looking out my kitchen window. I listened to the sounds of Mozambique, they are just as I remember them.   The smells, the smiles, the hugs and the waves, in a way it feels like I never left. 

I am so blessed to be back in our home in Dondo. I have no idea what the Lord has ahead of me this year, but I am waiting in anticipation as I know that He has a  perfect plan for my life.

I am trying to adjust as well as get settled in and ready for the next thing. Hard to say what that might be, so please keep me in prayer.

If you ever have any doubt about the effectiveness of your prayers let me say this, God hears them all!
The prayers that were said as we traveled were heard! We had no additional charges for the extra bags ( that should have come to $750.00) Then all the bags made it through and arrived when we did. Nothing was even searched at customs in Beira. It was totally God's hand of protection over all of it! Thank you for praying!

Did I mention the flight itself? It was '"s-m-ooth" as Jimmy would say. The weather cooperated perfectly, and I even got some rest!  There were no delays, no running to catch a flight, good food even, and the time even seemed to go by rather quickly. This is a miracle!

Thank you for loving me and supporting me as I humbly follow where the Lord is leading me.

Zephaniah 3:17  The Lord your God is with you, He is might to save. He will take great delight in you, He will quiet you with His love, He will rejoice over you with singing.

May 18, 2009

Heading to Mozambique

Finally, it's here, in 24 hours Kathy and I will be on a plane heading to Mozambique Africa! Today will be our last full day in the states until November 1st. I am so excited!!!

This past month of preparation has been filled with 'to do' lists, and lunch dates, speaking engagements and ice cream parties. Meetings with our president and his wife, as well as fellow missionaries.  Numerous phone calls, and  multiple skype conferences calls. 
Lists of supplies needed to help the people of Mozambique, and multiple trips to generous people's homes to pick up donated items! 
What a blessing the whole process has been, as I can look back and see God's hand in the whole thing!

My time with family and friends has been amazing, as God has provided for all my needs. In April I was in NY seeing my family, my kids my son-in-law and grandson Ben. It was a great time and all I could think about was how much God loves me.

Here in Cedar Rapids He has blessed me with more friends and family! Kathy's parents have 'adopted' me into the Kimm family," it's official" as they say. (I think it's because they like my italian cooking:)

My church family at Maranatha Bible Church has been the biggest blessing and encouragement to me. The fact that it's been part of God's plan all along is so neat. He loves me so much, that He would make sure I had everything I needed and more than I could have hoped for, when He moved me to Cedar Rapids.

As I prepare to leave, I need to make sure I say healthy good byes, so that my hellos can be healthy. (We learned when we were in Colorado at Missionary Training.) It is with much mixed emotion that I say my good byes.  
God has multiplied the blessings in my life here in Cedar Rapids, I will miss my pastor and his gift for teaching God's word, the ladies in our Bible study, and the worship music!!! 
There are many things I will miss, yet at the same time my heart is pounding with anticipation and expectation as to what lies ahead!!!

I love you all!!!! Thank you for loving me!!!!

I pray that as you read this you will remember me in prayer. I promise to pray for each of you as the Lord brings you to my mind. 
My plan is to use this blog to keep you posted on my travels and life in Dondo Mozambique, stay tuned......