Jan 29, 2010

God and I are friends

If you have been reading this blog, you know that we ( Kathy and I) have been on the road.

We're still on the road.... today we left Mesa AZ heading east back to Tomball TX to visit a church that may be willing to support us in our work with CRI.

After a quick stop to see Kathy's aunt and uncle we were on our way.
We got our coffee, set our GPS, and asked God to protect us on our journey.

We had a good day with dry roads, sunshine and 60 degree weather. The traffic was steady but nothing that slowed us down.
I finished reading aloud through the Book of Acts, while Kathy drove.

She likes to drive, prefers to drive actually and clearly gets 'bored' riding.
While I don't mind driving, I prefer to ride, acting as co-pilot suits me just fine. I assist with getting drinks, GPS settings, getting the right music to play and reading.
Nice the way God lined things up for us, isn't it?

So we traveled till dinner and were planning to stop for the night, but after Kathy had caught a nap ( I do drive some of the time :) and we had eaten something besides pretzels and grapefruit she had her second wind and so we decided to continue on.
So once again, music playing we thanked God for this day and asked for His arm of protection.

As we were leaving El Paso, I saw the moon to the east, this giant glowing white ball. Just up over the horizon, a perfect full moon.
My attention was then drawn to the west as the sun was getting ready to set. There it was perfectly positioned just above the horizon, this beautiful giant glowing crimson ball. The clouds in the sky helped accentuated it's brilliance!
I was fascinated as I turned first to the moon and then to the sun, it was magnificent!!

I thought about God. How perfect everything is that His hands have made. I sat there thanking Him for loving us so much that He would give us so many gifts. Many gifts we often don't even recognize as coming from God.
In James 1:17 it says 'every good and perfect gift is from above' I am reminded that I need to thank Him daily, for everything!

Here's how good God is to us, not only did He provide safe travel, but then when it was suppose to be dark, He made it light!
The moon was so bright and brilliant, the car cast a shadow!
You could see the snow on the mountains, and anything that moved in the desert! It was so cool!
We were just loving God and singing along to the music when we heard "I am a friend of God" playing.
I sat there thinking how incredible is that? That the God who created all the things that were captivating me at that moment, the moon and sun and the mountains.
That God is my friend.

Then I thought about perfect friendships, loving our children and grandchildren, missionary lives and people who love and support us...ALL of that only by His hand!
His same hand that reaches out and takes mine and leads me down the path He wants me to follow.
He is my friend?!
I will never quite comprehend that, but thankfully I don't have to. I simply have to believe and walk by faith, holding His hand!
Thank you God, for being my friend and giving me so many gifts!

Jan 25, 2010

Ask and you shall receive...

Did you ever wish you had an instruction manual on how to live your life?
A book that had all the answers, gave suggestions on how to handle difficult situations, even told you why you were here in the first place?

I did. For many years I would question the purpose of my life, why bad things happen. Why did my sister have to die when she was just a child? Or why did my childhood have to be so sad and without love?

I simply don't question these things anymore. God is in control and He even gave us that instruction manual I mentioned. It's called the Holy Bible.
Within it's pages are all the words and advise we will ever need to live our lives as God has instructed.

I was reminded once again today of His words of wisdom to us. In Matthew 7 He tells us to ask and we will receive. That's exactly what happen to me today.

I was emailing with the church secretary, she asked if I needed a place to stay while I was in town.
I thanked her and said I was all set, but asked if there was anyone who might have a car I could borrow for the week, and within minutes (literally) I was told I had a car at my disposal.

Only God could do that! I had been putting the request out there for several weeks, so had both my daughters, there was no car.
I believe God wanted to see if I would walk in faith and trust that everything would work out just as it was suppose to.
Sure enough it did.
He is so good and knows the hearts of those who love and trust in Him.

Thank you to the faithful servant who is willing to let me use their car, may God bless you abundantly for your generosity.

Matt 7-8 Ask and it will be given to you, seek and you will find, knock and the door will be opened to you. For everyone who asks receives, he who seeks finds, and to him who knocks, the door will be opened.

Abiding in Him....

Jan 22, 2010

On the road again...

Let's see where did I leave off?
Kathy and I are still traveling, still in Texas, El Paso actually as I write this blog.
We have been gone for a week now, and although I really prefer being home, it's been a great week!
After the board and staff meeting, Kathy and I headed to Tomball Texas, near Houston. We spent the last few days there, catching up with Big John and his wife Janie. Just the dearest, sweetest people who love each other almost as much as they love the Lord.

It's a joy to be around them!
On Tuesday night they had their mission board meeting at their home and so Kathy and I had the unique opportunity to be able to share with them about the Lord's work in Mozambique.

I talked about this being the best job ever a few days ago. Let me tell you, meeting the people I get to meet is one of the biggest reasons, that this is THE BEST JOB EVER!

We talked and prayed and shared, it was such a blessing to share with people, who really want to know, about life in Mozambique.
Lord willing we will come back through Tomball on our way home, to attend their church.
It will also give us a good excuse to spend the night with John and Janie and play a little Hand and Foot. (They are quite the card players.)

We will be back on the road in the morning, destination Mesa AZ. I am so excited to see my "adopted parents" and bake or clean or whatever we can do to bless them.

Oh yea, I forgot to mention, while at John's ranch in Tomball, he taught me how to drive his tractor!! What a riot!!! Just one more first for this old girl!
God is so very good to me!!

1 Thes 5:16-17 Be joyful always, pray continually

Jan 17, 2010

The Best Job Ever!!!

I wonder how many people can say they love their job. I mean really love their job?
I've been an RN for well over 30 years and I've always loved the work I've done, or so I thought.
Then the Lord decided to change the direction of my life!

Now I work full time with Children's Relief International ( childrensrelief.org) spending half my year in Dondo Mozambique serving God's poorest children.
I am so blessed to work with Godly people, who love the Lord and demonstrate it daily in their words as well as how they live their lives.
The Pieratt's and their sons and spouses lead this organization and I am privileged to know them and be a part of the work they do in Dondo.

I have spent this past weekend here in Dallas TX participating in CRI's annual board and staff meeting. Once again I am overwhelmed and humbled to be a part of the work that is being done in Mozambique. I am truly blessed to be a part of Children's Relief!

The missionaries I am privileged to know and work with are an inspiration to me.
As I begin my 3rd year with CRI, I am so excited to think about 2010.
I am anxious to get back home to Mozambique to live life among the people that the Lord has allowed me to love.

I can say without a doubt that THIS is the BEST JOB EVER!
We have a Big God who can do anything, as long as we let Him.

Proverbs 3:5-6 Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not on your own understanding and in all ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight.

Jan 15, 2010

Pride verses Humility

Kathy and I left yesterday for Texas. We are traveling by car to Dallas for Children's Relief International's annual board and staff meeting.
We have been looking forward to this time to see everyone we know, love and admire.
It's a great opportunity to grow, develop and renew our desire to follow where the Lord is leading us.
So, we decided to drive, to save money, but also because we have been invited to Tomball TX. to visit with some new friends who spent time with us in Mozambique last summer.
We are so very excited to see them and catch up!!

As we drove these last few days we have been reading a book.
Humility Beauty of Holiness by author and Pastor Andrew Murray.
It has been very insightful, very powerful!
I personally don't believe that anything is by chance. Quite the contrary I believe God is control of absolutely everything that takes place.
So that being said, there is no coincidence in the fact that we are reading this book.

I have prayed often, daily even, for the Lord to help make me humble. For the Lord to help me serve others with a genuine humble heart and accept with humility whatever happens to me.
After reading this authors insights, I can see why this is not a status easily obtained.
I can see where pride is in constant struggle with humility.
The author sites numerous scripture references where Jesus is calling us to humble ourselves, and serve others with a humble heart.
He also states how there is nothing in ourselves which can accomplish this, until we fully and completely die to self and allow Jesus and His Holy Spirit to fill us.

The one true way of dying to self is the way of patience, meekness, humility and resignation to God. ( from the book)
My prayer, to be small, so the Holy Spirit can be big inside of me.