May 29, 2011

Domingos and baby Antonio

This young man is "Domingos, who works at the farm". That's not actually his name of course, but that's how we differentiate one Domingos from the next. Or one Fernando from the next:)

So when we saw him last week with his new little baby, 5 month old Antonio, we were just thrilled!
You see last year, Domingos and his wife were expecting a baby and he couldn't have been more proud.
That was all he ever talked about when we'd go to the farm to pump our water.  Then when his wife was in her 6th or 7th month we got word that the baby had died. Domingos and his wife were of course crushed. I'm sure I was not alone when I asked God, why?

So you can imagine our excitement as we saw him ride by with little Antonio strapped to his back! I had to make him stop so we could get a photo! 
We were all smiling, but our smiles were nothing compared to the smile of a proud papa! 
You very rarely see men carrying or holding their little ones. I have never seen a man with his baby strapped to his back! This picture just blesses me and so I had to share....
So once again we thank Our Lord for His perfect plan for our lives!

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emily said...

Sooooo cool! That would be David with his babies.... guess they'd be on the back of a motorcycle or boat though ;-) Thanks SO much for taking time to post! Love to you Beanie!