May 26, 2011

Our Empregada's

These are our girls, Maria, and Rita...our cooks, laundry ladies, and all around house keepers. Rita takes care of our house and Maria manages the team house. They willingly do anything we ask them to do, and are always quick with a big smile and polite 'ta bom' (meaning it's good, or okay)
We really care a lot about them and are blessed that God has placed them in our lives.

They cook all our meals from scratch, no box mixes, or frozen bags of anything. They do things like our grandmother's used to. We are blessed to have stoves in our homes, but in their homes they cook over an open fire.They wash all of our clothes by hand and hang them out to dry. Then before the day is over they iron everything they've washed. This is to kill the small bugs that lay their eggs on our clothes.

Kathy and I bought them new uniforms again this year and they were so happy. When they came to work the next morning they were excited to show us how nice they looked. I just had to take a picture.
Please pray for our girls when you think of us. Life is hard here for them, but Our God is good all the time and we know His plan is perfect!

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emily said...

love it! thanks so much for giving me a picture of "life" as you know it! i wish somebody would have ironed my sheets.... think a spider got me a couple of nights ago ;-) i know, so tough to be me! love you!